43 things, part 3

Back, after a hiatus!  See part 1 here and part 2 here if you're so inclined.

11. Get the artwork hung in the house.  I am the only one on 43things.com with this particular thing on my list.  I am coming up on 2 years here, and still have not figured out how to arrange the miscellany on the walls.  Most of it went up on preexisting hooks and nails as I was unpacking, in an attempt to keep from breaking anything, and it has all stayed right where it landed.  It's bad, y'all.  Bad.

12. Learn to sew.  Happily, I am beginning the journey!  I now know how to work the machine and I've done some very very simple projects (curtains and pillow cases).  There's a book on the way that talks about beginner quilting.  This summer, I will make a tshirt quilt if it's the first and last quilting project I ever do!!!!  

Also, I am thinking about changing this one to something more specific.  Like 'make a quilt' or 'make a dress from a pattern.'  Something measurable or accomplishable.

13. Go back to school.  Sadly, I'm beginning to realize that my days as an academic have probably passed me.  I just don't have the capacity I used to for highly concentrated study.  Continuing ed, certificate programs, and the like very much appeal to me, but I doubt I'll ever be a master or doctor of anything.

14. Walk the dog more often. Again with the 'goals' that aren't really quantifiable.  Now that the days are longer and the weather is nicer, Eli does go on a W-A-L-K more often.  But more often than what?  Than in winter?  Than when I was sick?  Than when he was a baby puppy squishyface?  More often than he gets walked right now would be ideal.  Maybe 5 times a week for 4 weeks?  It'd be a habit by then, yes?

15. Write a song.  As a musician AND a verbivore holding a communication degree, I ostensibly should have written a song by now.

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