Bienvenidos a the next installment of my 43 things, which is actually my 33 things.  Did I mention that yet?

16. Speak Spanish fluently - you know, I could do this at one point.  Textbook Spanish, at least.  Those were great days.  I now can't decide whether I want to specialize in one Romance language or become fairly familiar with several.  I've hit the Spanish hardcore, I've dabbled in Italian, and right now I'm listening to some (Brazilian) Portuguese tapes, which will lead me into regular Portuguese.  I tend to avoid French like the plague, but I think it might be a potential resource for me.  And holy cow, who WOULDN'T want to study Romanian?  So..yeah...still under deliberation.  It'd definitely be easier to recapture one language than pick up a few more...     
 17. Learn Italian - meaning, continue learning Italian.  I love that language.
18. Learn Gaelic - ok so my polyglot tendencies spread beyond Romance.  Gaelic, Slavic and Germanic languages are all on my wish-dar.
19. Set financial goals - this is something Brian and I have been in the process of doing over the past several weeks.  Before that, our only financial goal was to stay out of debt!
20. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination - to the new me, this sounds cool.  to the old me, this would make me have a panic attack.  I think that in reality I would need to have at least some idea of where we were headed - like, ok let's be in Austin by Wednesday, or let's take Route 66, or let's visit X, Y and Z friends who happen to be spread across the midwest.  

You know.

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  1. road trip next summer? I should be free most of august 2010. let me know. ;)


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