the ill effects of decent slumber

There is an addition project going on at the house next door to us.  We actually sleep as close to the construction work as we possibly could, and there's a window along that wall that does a poor job of blocking the sound.

This crew must be the most dedicated crew in town.  Because they begin their work by 7am most days.  This is good for them, but it's dreadful for us, because we don't really start moving until 7:30 or later.

I've been having trouble getting solid sleep and feeling rested for a few weeks now, and I know part of the problem is that I toss and turn in the mornings.  A more diligent person would probably take the situation and say, well ok I guess I'll be getting up at quarter to 7 just to make it easier on myself.  (Truth is, that didn't occur to me until right this second.)

Yesterday, what with it being a national holiday and all, was different.  Not only did we have the rumbly bumbly trash truck making all kinds of noise (welcome to the work-week jokers!  How bout a nice straining diesel engine to wake you pre-dawn?) but there was no construction work happening 10 feet away.

And I slept until 8:30am.  I haven't slept that late in months.  And yesterday I felt GREAT.  Clearly I needed it.  And clearly I was up past midnight last night as a result.

I'm thinking about taking radical steps now - going to bed even earlier, getting up at or before 7.  How solid would that be?  I've always wanted to be an early riser but I couldn't make it happen.  Could it be that the tides are changing for me?

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