oh yeah...the white elephant game...

You know those white elephant games that some groups of fun-loving people like to play?  Where everyone brings a gag gift, and you go around the room taking turns either picking from the pile of gifts or stealing from someone who's already opened one?  

Last month, Pap911 had a big white elephant game as a holiday fundraiser.  I was fortunate enough to get to play.  And I wanted, from the get-go, this pillow that was blue with a brown/white papillon embroidered on the front.  It goes well with the furniture, the dog reminds me of Eli, and I figured that someone would pick it before me, which would mean that I could steal it.  Bonus!  because I love stealing.

Someone did pick it before me, which means that I ended up stealing it, and I blamed Eli for making me do it.  This led to some humorous photo-edited banter, the pinnacle (in my opinion) of which, I thought I would share with you:

Brian informs me that this is NOT FUNNY, but I think it is, even a month later.

Note:  I took the photo but didn't edit it to add the pillow and the words.


  1. NOT FUNNY? personally, I think it's hysterical!!

  2. THANK YOU! I laughed at it a full 5 minutes.


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