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Click on the photo above to visite Care2's website. This vote is cast for my animal rescue of choice - Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption. This is a national rescue based in Marietta, GA. We rescue papillons from atrocious living in puppy mills (through personal relationships with millers or by attending dog auctions -- a warning about the auction video: the first minute is informative, the video after the first minute is disturbing) and find adoptive homes for the cute little critters.

If you're interested in adopting an animal as a pet, check out your local animal shelters or find a breed-specific rescue. It's easy - check out petfinder.com or just google '(breed name) rescue' and you'll find results. Rescues are good because you'll often pay less for a rescue dog than you would in a pet shop...and lots of rescues have puppies! Puppies in most pet shops do not come from humane conditions, and purchasing them there isn't 'rescuing' them at all - it's making inhumane conditions profitable.

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