One-word Resolution

I've recently come across a blog, called CLUTCH, meant to encourage and uplift the wives of ministers.  Brian isn't a minister yet, but he will become one this year, so I counted myself as 'close enough' and subscribed.

The first posting I read was called One Word Resolution.  It posed the question, what character-related trait do you want God to develop in you this year?

Most of the replies were discipline.  Is this surprising?  Not really...we live in a very chaotic world, and as wives and mothers and part of a ministry team, we face a lot of demands - often, messy, disruptive demands.  Discipline is essential for anyone who doesn't want everything to fall apart.

My answer is:  order.

I am not good with order.  It's not that I lack the discipline to be ordered - I have it.  What I lack is the ability to establish the order in the first place.  My thoughts are not ordered, nor are my home, my car, my practices, my work...   I need to find, construct, and promote order.

I also find it meaningful that what I most need right now is order, and this is the year that I will be joining the Presbyterian church - perhaps the most ordered people that exists!

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