My husband's in seminary (grad school for pastors) and in a few months, he is going to begin his ministry, which means that WE are going to begin ministry. This is concerning to some people who know me, because I have a very well-documented case of an under-developed empathy muscle. And apparently you have to have empathy for people when your husband is a minister. Standard-issue Christianity suggests that we are to love everyone; pragmatic Christianity takes a more narrow approach, meaning that Pastors And Their Families are supposed to love and care for everyone.

Usually I'm not too concerned about failing to live up to the expectations that I will be gracious, always ready with the right encouragement and the right attitude. I do the best I can, and that's the best I can do, right? Fine.

I need to be in the habit of caring for people, even if they have clearly not cared for me. Jesus 101, right there. And I fail.  On an embarrassingly consistent basis.  I am indifferent.  And I don't know how to change.

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