2008 Books

About a year ago, I decided to keep tracks of all the books I read.  This was part of an unrealized attempt to make a complete list of all the books I've read in-and-since high school....I think I'll settle for "books I've read in-and-since 2008."

I am shocked, amazed, and astounded to share with you that I read 34 books last year.  34!!!  I don't know how that happened.  Four of them are young adult literature, and I didn't include the childrens books.  

I've put a star by my very favorites.  Here they are, in reverse order of their appearance on my night stand:

And there are a couple of books that I might have read in 2008, but maybe it was 2007.  These are Crooked Little Heart and Blue Shoe, both by Anne Lamott.


  1. That's quite an accomplishment. I wanted to read more, but I think at the end of the year I read 10 books.

    Maybe reading this blog and wathcing you amass a long list will encourage ME to read more.

  2. great! I'm not sure if my 2009 list will be as long. At the beginning of the year, I didn't have a job, and then in the fall, I was auditing a literature class so I HAD to read! I'm hoping to keep up the trend, though. We'll see!


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