Manic Monday #153

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod (or music collection)?

This one's a toss up between Brian Adams and Brian McKnight...two of their greatest hits albums. I got each of these albums for one song (Summer of 69, and Anytime)

I used to have Meatloaf's (greatest song ever) Confessions by the Dashboard Light. I miss that song....Brian doesn't, I'm sure.

How much time do you spend each day in your commute? (Or if you don't work outside the house, how much time do you spend in your car or other preferred mode of transportation?)

Not long! I'd be an unhappy camper if I had a long commute. Right now I'm working downtown, and I'm not in the car more than 10 or 15 minutes. That's about as long as I can handle without feeling like I'm wasting my life. I generally have another 5 or 10 minute walk from the deck to the building - and then a 5 or 10 minute wait on the elevator, because the of the 6 main elevators in the GAB, only 2 go to the floor where I work. Most people don't seem to realize this.

What's your favorite wardrobe item and why?

I have these grey round-toe shoes with kitten (short) heels. They have black and silver embroidery and these dark silvery-black sequins. Hard to describe...but so fun to wear. I got them on ebay for 99 cents (and $15 shipping, har). Sadly, they're starting to fall apart and I haven't been able to find an appropriate replacement. I've never seen anything like them. LOVE.

Play along here!


  1. Oh, I can not stand listening to Meatloaf,lol. Don't you hate buying a whole CD just for one song, did this to often :)

  2. I love love love Meatloaf!

    I played too :)


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