prepared for takeoff

Surprise!  Another blogging hiatus!  I thought about pre-dating some entries, but then I decided to focus on the task at hand.  Oops.

If all goes according to plan, the hubs and I will be taking off shortly for our honeymoon!  Slightly delayed, yes, but still significantly awesome!

I'm not telling you where we're going, because we do NOT want visitors.

Anyone else take a late honeymoon?  Would you have preferred to have it immediately after the wedding, or did you like the wait?  YOU!  Comment!


  1. I'm not married, not even engaged, but what I would LIKE to do (if we were financially secure and could afford to take a vacation) is to have a honeymoon right after the wedding. Then, on our first year anniversary go someplace special that means a lot to us (it doesn't have to be exotic). That's what I would like to do...in the future...with a husband :)

  2. We had to wait for our honeymoon too. When we were married, Tim was a mere Lance Corporal (75 percent of the Marine Corps is this rank or lower) with just over two years of service. Some flunkie in the admin shop didn't care enough to forward his leave paperwork, so we had a weekend... errr... half, really, married on a Saturday and back to work on a Monday morning. We stayed in a B&B half way between our wedding site and his base. We actually drove back to my mom's house that Sunday to visit with our out of town guests and open our gifts. This worked out well for us because there was nothing to do in the small eastern NC town, and we were actually feeling kind of shy and awkwardly young (I was 20, yes, not even old enough to drink! and Tim, 21).
    The following summer, though, we went with friends (8 of us in all) to Cancun Mexico. Having waited, we could actually afford this nice 6 days/7 nights at an all-inclusive (although very Americanized) resort on the ocean. And being with friends, there were others to hang out with besides each other. I think the stress of planning and executing a wedding, as well as setting up a household and planning a major vacation, is way too much to place on a new relationship.
    I now you are going to have a blast... where ever you are going!


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