I must say, I really have outdone myself.  There are green things on my porch - green things I WANT to be there.  Dare I suggest that perhaps I have outgrown my black thumb?

Yesterday I got really frustrated at my watermelon plant, and I informed it that after months of nurturing and babying and luxurious watering every day, that I expected to see a melon, daggone it, because it's been months and I've put in my due.  And what do you know, the thing listened!

The vines have been sprawling around the porch, threatening to take over the entire entryway to the house, for many weeks now, but no fruit appeared until today.  And wouldn't you know, after many careful attempts to reposition all these sprawling tendrils so as to allow convenient passage in and out of my house, the little bugger stuck its long arm out this morning and started growing a thumb right smack in the middle of the stairway.  All of a sudden.  I am still amazed, and a little proud of my snarky little watermelony offspring.  Makes me wonder if this is how I can expect any and all subsequent offspring to behave, plant or otherwise.

And from Sad News Desk, I bring you today's sad news:  My lens protector, which has been with me for nearly a decade, will soon be retired and replaced.  
I'm hoping I can score a deal before our big trip next weekend.  

Any pointers?


  1. I feel inadequate now that you can grow things. My thumb is still pitch black.

  2. it's not so much that I 'grew' it - after a few failed attempts at starting from seeds, I ended up talking a vegetable farmer friend of mine into giving me one of his plants. I started off with 3, they were about 8 inches tall. So far, there's the 1 remaining, and in that whole tangle and knot of vines, there's just the one teeny (late) watermelon. I won't go into the 6 other pots of dead things. So it's somewhat of a success, but pretty much as pathetic as a success could possibly be :)


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