cute puppy!

Am I the only dog owner out there who refers to her adult dog, and really any other dog, as 'cute puppy'?  'Sweet Baby,' 'Mr. Eli' and 'hey doggie' are also names he gets.  I've also been known to call him Eli-beeli, bibi, and Eli-pants.  Because 'Eli' is now synonymous with 'cutie.'

His name is Eli as in 'Eli Stone' or 'Eli Whitney' - NOT pronounced the girl way, 'Ellie,' or the last name Ely, which can be said different ways.  EEE-lye (as in lye soap).  Please and thanks.


  1. hahaha eli looks mad in all of those pictures...especially the one where he's modeling the sweater;-) oh and yes...my dog peanut is 7 and we call her all sorts of puppy pet names.

  2. I am not usually a fan of small dogs - but I have to admit this one is soooo cute. His coat just screams softness, he must be so snugly!



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