i got tagged

Kim tagged me for this meme.  She's sweet and adorable and stood up for me at my wedding, so I am thrilled to oblige.  Plus, I like these!  

Here goes:

Places I've lived:
- Tega Cay, SC
- Charlotte, NC
- Chapel Hill, NC
- Richmond, VA

Shows I watch:
- House, MD
- Project Runway
- Clean House
- Guiding Light

Jobs I've had:
- childcare assistant
- restaurant hostess (wow I sucked at that)
- staff assistant (AKA database manager, etc.)
- program coordinator

Places I've visited:
- St. Petersburg, Russia
- Panama Canal
- Fiji (mostly Suva, but also time in Nadi and Sigatoka)
- Liechtenstein
(and many more...)

Blogs I read regularly:
- The Simple Dollar
- MoneySavingMom
- Dress A Day / Dictionary Evangelist
- Chez Larsson
(and MANY more!)

Favorite foods:
- home-made pasta
- biscuits from scratch
- fresh berries

Places I would rather be:
- Lucerne, Switzerland
- Co. Kerry, Ireland
- anywhere in New Zealand
- cabin in the mountains

Things I am looking forward to this year:
- honeymoon!
- anniversary!
- Brian's 25th birthday!
- having a new boss, rather than a vacant hole in the office down the hall!

Things I do in my spare time:
- knit
- write
- spend time with the hubs, usually biking or movies
- play with the dog

Favorite things to do with kids/family:
- eat ice cream.  kids are hilarious with ice cream
- give 'The Look'
- do you remember playing with those giant parachutes in elementary school?
- act a durn fool

TAG, you're it!  I think I'm supposed to tag a certain number of people, but whatever, I want ALL my friends to do this!  Ready, set, GO!

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you did it, I always feel guilty tagging people.

    And I totally remember that parachute thing in elementary school! It was the BEST!!


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