free stuff!

I prepped this post and took the photos and everything on Saturday, but am just now posting it.  I blame the Olympics.

I got a bunch of free stuff in the mail last week!  Awesome.

First, some samples:
- Pledge wipes
- "Girl stuff" that needs no explanation

- Stickers!  These are doggies
- A check, for $3, from one of the research panels I'm on.  I get these somewhat regularly, and these checks combined with my sales on half.com, pay for my shipping costs related to PaperBackSwap.

A couple of books, thanks to PaperBackSwap:
- First Things First, by Stephen Covey
- The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri

Also, some store-brand magic erasers.  These didn't come in the mail, but they were still free, so I decided to be generous and let them make the post.

Awesome.  Who wouldn't like a tv-tray's worth of free stuff that will actually be used?

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