skeleton staff

Last Monday began a stretch of time during which my office will be dramatically understaffed.  For an office that normally holds 10 people, we will not be back up to par until Sept. 2 at the earliest.  There won't be more than 6 people at work any time until then.  Part of this is due to vacations - one week of which is mine - and part is due to staff turnover - not on my part.

When you work in an office as small as mine, losing ONE staffer is a big deal.  But losing nearly half?  Ouch.

I will be insane, promptly.

Dear Lord: please send me a new boss, and soon, and maybe make it someone I can work with easily.  Thank you and Amen.

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  1. good prayer. i completely understand it too. i mean my dad owns his own office...and hes a chiropractor with my mom at the front desk and normally a few other girls working up front too...just recently we lost the 2 girls at the front desk leaving it as me, my mom, and my dad. we lost half the staff...its rough. especially when its like family. but you know what? god will provide and youll get through it;-) love ya


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