my favorite celebrity couple

My favorite celebrity couple used to be Tom and Rita.  They reigned supreme for a lonnng time.  But they've been dethroned.

I started watching E! News years ago, on and off.  It was called something else back then, I think, and at that time Giuliana DePandi was co-anchor with some dude whose name I don't remember but whose face I might probably recognize.  She had lonnng blonde hair back then, and I liked their show because it was a lot less cheesy than the big network shows.

In 05, I loved E News when she was solo anchor.  I totally don't get this woman - she's brilliant, she's beautiful, and she has this hollywood news job where she has to 'celebrate' all these retarted people.  She does a spectacular job, though.  Incidentally, I was not so much happy when Seacrest came on board.  I love seeing him kiss up to her, and see her not take him seriously.  

You probably could have guessed by now that she is one half of my favorite celebrity couple.  The other half makes me chuckle.  Because she's Giuliana Rancic now.  Rancic, as in Bill Rancic, as in the very first Apprentice from the Donald Trump reality show, which I ate up like it was the last candy bar in the box and I hadn't had chocolate in days.  That is to say, voraciously.

Personally, I had nothing against Bill, but I was pulling for Kwame.  How could you not root for the nice guy who went to the same high school and college as you?  The first season was definitely the best.

They met when she was interviewing him for a news bit.  And they are so ridiculously cute and they seem to be relatively normal, as far as you can be when you are busy executives operating in different parts of the country and making $$$$$.  Love them.  Seriously.

Aaaaand...Brangelina, step aside...the Rancic babies will be the prettiest in the world.  After my babies, of course.

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