perfect time to panic

My husband and I were one of those somewhat unlucky couples who were unable to take a honeymoon immediately after our wedding.  This was fine with us - Brian had a couple days of classes and then a couple exams, and I was unemployed for the entire month of December, so we still had LOTS of time together.

We haven't really taken a vacation together as a couple, though.  Lots of trips, yes, but we've always been staying with family.  And while we love our families....a 'vacation' this does not-so-much make.

Our parents are awesome, though, and have totally hooked us up with some delayed post-nuptial bliss.  My mom gave us a week from her timeshare.  My dad threw in some airline tickets via frequent flier miles.  And Brian's folks offered us some spending money.  After some trying for Ireland, we shifted gears and decided to go to Hawaii instead.  We WILL get to the Emerald Isle of our heritage someday, but we're hoping that maybe it's for a few years rather than a few days.

Anyway.  So we ship out in about 3.5 weeks.  THREE AND A HALF WEEKS.  I'm super excited...  but I'm also a little...dismayed.  With myself.

Brian has been working out fastidiously - trying to nip his (our) post-marital bulge in the bud.  I'm really proud of him.  Pretty soon he's going to out-muscle our Bowflex!  He's been encouraging me to start pushing myself harder, too.  

I really appreciate his encouraging me.  I would like to be more active and get in better shape.  Yoga, biking, weights...all on my horizon.  And then I got freaking sick.  A month ago.  And I'm STILL sick.  We're starting to think about packing and planning, and I'm too weak to bike a mile.  Push it and stay sick isn't really something I want to risk.  Last thing we need is a grumpypants on the flight from Atlanta to Honolulu (that's like what, 11 hours?)  I can keep going as is (ie, lazy bum) and risk staying sick anyway (because let's face it, it hasn't gone away in 4 weeks, why would 3 more weeks make a difference?) AND feel like a major loser next to my super hot husband.

To semi-compensate for my hateful sedentary lifestyle, I've tried to lay off the chocolate somewhat.  It sucks like whoa.  All of it.

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