razor burn

I confess...I am not one of those chicks who shaves her legs fastidiously every morning. This is good for me, because it means my razors last longer, I spend less time in the shower, and I don't get bored by the same old same old routine. Because lord knows I don't like being bored by routines.

I didn't really think my husband noticed, or cared, until recently. He knows I'm not a 'girly girl' and I know that he kinda digs the whole 'camp counselor' thing. But we've traded flannel PJs for shorter, cooler sleepwear, and this is our first summer being married (and thus sharing a bed). He made a sidebar comment that included the words 'don't like' and 'scratchy' a few weeks ago when we were cuddling, which led me to go from shaving every 3 or 4 days to every 2 or 3 days.

And STILL he complains. Ok so not really, he's only said something twice EVER (the second one was last night, and included 'don't like' and 'pricklies') so I don't think it's time to jump down his throat (yet). But this leaves me to consider something.

I love my husband very much. I sense that it might be valuable to him, and thus for our relationship, if I risked the razor burn a little more often. Like, almost every day. That's seriously a big deal for me, so I'm especially happy that CVS is sporting some awesome specials on a few different razors for ladies (comment me for details!).

Either way, I'm going back to my faithful standby and cheating aide, Jergens Shave Minimizing Lotion. They say marriage is about compromise, after all.

What's the nerdiest thing YOU ever did to make your SO happy?

ETA: SO means significant other. 

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