for the homemakers and all the other people who want to save a few bucks

Crystal, over at MoneySavingMom - whose blog I read daily and who I've plugged on here a few times - is having a sale over at her site.  Everything on her site is bundled together and priced at 5.97 TODAY, and will go up to 8.97 tomorrow and then 11.97 the day after.  All the pieces sold separately would amount to over $100.

I would highly recommend that you check it out.  There are guides for saving money at the grocery store and simple decorating, menu planning, starting a business, and a few other interesting tidbits like encouragement for homeschooling parents and a guide to hosting a proper tea.  You get it ALL for the sale price (5.97 today, up $3 tomorrow and another $3 the next day).

She writes the CVS coupon strategy that I've recently adopted, and I've scoped a lot of her e-books and guides as well.  Some of them look really helpful - and one thing that keeps me coming back to her site is that it's PRACTICAL as well.  None of the not-so-helpful overworn advice about saving money that we all hear all the time (make your coffee at home, and get your hair cut every 8 weeks instead of 6, anyone?).  I've used her tips, and they help.  Seriously, check it out.

Not ALL of it is going to be of use to everyone, but there will definitely be pieces that alone would be worth the $5.97.

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