goooooooooooood morning

a few days ago I wrote about making my own space to be quiet and restore, which would then fuel the satisfied creative life.  I also mentioned off-hand that I'm starting to get up earlier in the morning to be productive.  This is something you hear about from super-moms and born-organized people and those who get up to work out.  I am none of these things, and yet I'm using their strategy.

I'm curious about who else does this.  I'm usually the girl who snoozes as long as possible and then rushes through the morning before trudging off to work, so this whole new situation involving having enough time is revolutionary, and very refreshing.  It may just make me into a morning person yet!!

What about you?  What do your mornings look like?

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  1. When I was first married, I spent six months out of work and when I finally did get a job I didn't have to report until 9 am. BUT I had to get up at 4:30 am to drive my husband in to work as we only had one car. Up until I realized I hated my job, and got pretty depressed about it, I really enjoyed the quiet mornings at home (no kids, no cable). Now, it is an absolute necessity that I get up before the kids. I start a load of laundry and a pot of coffee, then I can hop in the shower (if I don't do it now, it isn't until after 9 am next chance I get), when I get out of the shower I fix coffee in a cup, check email, wait for the laundry to beep, grab the load and my coffee and run upstairs to get dressed, then hang up the clothes on the line. Looking at it written down, it doesn't seem very refreshing, renewing, relaxing, or anything 're' at all... well maybe reaffirming? I take a lot of pride in being productive and organized - it helps my self-image through out the rest of the day. When Tim's out of town I like to pick three things... be it three things to try to accomplish in one day, or three things I try to keep a handle on all week (like keep the sink empty, the laundry caught up and one room cleaned every night.) So I guess it's less like a physical space to be quiet and restore, and more like a block of time where I am in control and moving forward accomplishing tasks. And I can tell you I am no super mom nor am I born organized. It took me till I was almost 31 years old to figure it out, but roads are not for destinations, as they are for journeys.


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