How to be OK

I spoke with an old friend of mine yesterday morning.  We hadn't talked in quite some time - he'd served a deployment with the US Navy and everything - so it was really nice to catch up.  We've known each other for about ten years now - since our first years of high school.  We've seen each other through the rough patches that you hit between 15 and 25, and we've both come so far since then. It was really cool to share how things are going for each of us.  We're both in really good places right now, but somewhat different.  He owns a house, is settled, and has a cute girlfriend; I own a husband and am renting a cute place.  As much as I yearn for a home that we can own, I think I win :)

The best part of that conversation was that I felt like we both were really ok with how things are, for the first time maybe ever.  We've each spent so much time being not ok - with clouds and layers of drama and confusion and issues being kicked up. 

It was really cool to witness God's faithfulness to both of us.  I need reminding every so often.

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