As a knitter, and as a blogger, I am bound by some invisible universal law to be enthralled with three of the most popular knitting blogs out there.  And yet, I couldn't be less interested.

I'm bad.  Very bad.  Perhaps a disgrace.

I find Wendy boring.  The Yarn Harlot is sometimes entertaining when she's not on book tour.  And even "Saint Brenda" loses my attention from time to time.

I guess my real issue is that I care more about knowing the people who are knitting the socks and the shawls and the impossibly complicated colorwork sweater, than I care about the actual items themselves.  I like having a window into someone else's life - someone that I might be friends with in real life, or maybe just know about.

That's why I love to read Crazy Aunt Purl and XRK.

Am I unusual?  Or do you too find yourself drawn to the kid in the corner and find the popular folks uninteresting, your area of interest being what it may?


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  2. Also, my interest is people. i find them fascinating, especially the ones that aren't as popular or don't fit in. They're the interesting ones. i tend to dislike popular people immensely. i think i've fit into the "in crowd" on occasion and the "outsiders" a lot and the "in-betweens" the most. i'd always prefer to not be popular. i feel dull.


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