there goes a lung

I think I have bronchitis.  Here's why.

I have been coughing, non stop, for a week.  I have begun bargaining with the Good Lord to try to get out of my personal hell.

Coughing.  That's it.  Just coughing.  No snot, no phlegm, no chest heaviness, no fever.  Just coughing.  My entire body aches just from the trauma of 30-second violent coughing spells occuring at least 5 times a day.  

Last night was glorious, in that I slept for 4 straight hours.  It's been a week since I've slept that long, uninterrupted.  One of my coworkers noted that 'the dark circles were not as pronounced' today.  

Actually, I've had a realization.  My above description of symptoms reflects how they WERE until about 4 hours ago.  Then my lungs got really heavy and I got a little snotty, and there's been the occasional sighting of 'goop' (clear goop, for you medical nerds and/or nursing students).

This is definitely bronchitis.  Ah, bronchitis, my friend, you're late - I usually see you in January.  Always a tease you are, bronchitis.  Silly bronchitis.

The last time I was recovering from this same disease, I had a fateful phone conversation that eventually landed me a husband.  I wonder what surprise bronchitis has in store for me this time!  I'm rooting for a pay raise.  

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