Raw what?

One of my favorite blogs is Casual Kitchen.  This blog appeals to a big range of people, I'm sure, but my personal interest comes from a place of not really caring about food and nutrition but feeling like maybe I should care.  Daniel's tag line is Cook More. Think More. Spend Less.  And he delivers.  He makes it easy for me to get a little bit interested in cooking and nutrition.

I was really struck a couple of weeks ago when he posted a 7-day series on a raw food diet trial.  Raw food might be briefly summed up as food that isn't cooked - isn't dead, some say.  It doesn't appeal to me as a lifestyle at all (I heart me some bread and cheese and chocolate, thankyouverymuch) but I think I could take a few pages from the Raw Foods book.

So what Daniel did is eat a raw food diet for 7 days, and then each day he posted what/when he ate and included notes from the day.  You can see the full archive here.  Seriously, check it out.

Sounds boring, right?  WRONG.  I thought I would end up skipping this series of his, but it was actually fascinating to see what exactly constitutes a raw food breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Who knew soaked and sprouted wheat berries could be awesome?

I might actually give them a try.

Once I find my magic bullet, that is....

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