how i got pranked on april fool's day

I got pranked.  I got pranked like whoa. 

I spent the first half of this week trying to come up with a great prank to pull on Brian.  I came up with the pretty fabulous idea of setting all the clocks forward an hour.  When it came time to pull the trigger, though, I opted to go to sleep instead.

Brian needed the car today, so he was going to drive me to work.  When my alarm went off at 7:30, it was mighty hard to get up.  So I hit the snooze until 8.  Got up, got ready, blah blah blah.  I tried to wake Brian up at 8:30.  Within a few minutes he was in the shower.

He was STILL in the shower about 5 minutes after the time I needed to leave to be at work on time.  Not cool for being the guy who gives ME a hard time about running late.  But like a good little wifey, I didn't harp on him.

We're in the car...I am tense...  and he goes right past the exit for 64, moments after verifying that that's the way to get to my office.  I, being tense as previously mentioned, raised my voice and gesticulated fiercely until it was very clearly too late.  Oh well, I thought.  At least today isn't the day the BIG boss is in town.  Brian told me we were going a different way.  But I was already late, and there is no faster way to get to Parham and 64.

He does this thing, sometimes, when he won't tell me what's going on, and noodles me until I force myself to resign to his iron will.  I am convinced that he does this for no other reason than to keep me on my toes and out of my ruts.  Actually, that's not true, but we won't go there.

Anyway.  Shortly thereafter, he informs me that we actually have an hour until 9am happens, and that we are going for breakfast.

People, he had set EVERY clock in the house ahead.  Computers and everything.  And the car clock.  

It's like living in a time warp.

Could you imagine how much this morning would have burned if I'd set the clocks ahead another hour, like I'd planned?

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