An Open Letter to Whomever Smoked It Up in the Bathroom This Morning

To Whom It May Concern:

It's really offensive that you think it's ok to light up in the bathroom this morning. Yes, I know it's cold outside this morning. But I also know that, well, you're a smoker, and smoking is a voluntary activity. You maintain your habit for as long as you find it necessary - fine. But in doing so, you must accept the boundaries that come along with it. You know it's not ok to smoke inside, so you have to go outside. Comes with the territory, and no surprises there. YES, it sucks to be outside this morning. But seriously, you signed up for it!

I hate that you have this addiction in your life. I hate that you have a dependence on a substance that makes you choose between being responsible and getting your fix. I know it's hard to deal with. I know you haven't reached your breaking point yet. Light up in your car, your office, whatever. But smoking in a poorly ventilated, necessary, communal space is selfish and unacceptable. Your right to smoke wherever the hell you want ENDS at my nose, and my nose is entitled to using the bathroom any time I please.

Allergies to second-hand smoke are NOT voluntary. When I'm around a smoker or in a recently smoked-in place, I stop being able to breathe well after about 2 inhalations. I should not have had to choose this morning between using the facilities, and continuing to breathe. No one should have to make that choice, especially not because you just don't feel like going outside. You signed up for it, now get to gettin'.

You are rude and inconsiderate. STOP IT before I'm forced to call my vigilante husband on you.


  1. Sometimes a smoke helps get things moving.

  2. I'm not saying don't smoke in the morning, I'm saying don't smoke in the bathroom where other people are affected by it for the rest of the day.

  3. I COMPLETELY agree...not only does the smoke affect my breathing but it makes my eyes red and swell up and I can't see clearly for about an hour...


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