In my line of work, I end up talking to a lot of people. And I talk to people who talk to a lot of people, too. I have a modest collection of funny stories and odd 'workisms' that I've been privileged to hear.*

Today, I'm going to share a recent one with you.

I am one of three admins where I work, and I share 'technology' responsibilities with another person. I am generally, though not always, the most tech-savvy of our staff of 7.

So when a coworker got off the phone after having what was apparently a very confused conversation with someone, naturally I dropped in. She, my coworker, was trying to get him, the guy on the other end of the phone, to bring her an electronic copy of a document or presentation or something when they were meeting the following week. (This, and not emailing the file to her, made sense in the context.)

He wasn't sure what she meant.

She explained that she needed him to bring the files with him, not just a paper copy but the files, stored on something, so that they could be loaded into the system at the site.

That's when he asked if she meant he should bring the documents on his flash pod.

We decided that we thought he was talking about a thumb drive. And I thought that calling it a 'flash pod' was endlessly amusing.

Which is why I no longer carry a thumb drive. I carry a flash pod.

What's your best workism? 

*Remind me to tell you about the erotic Norwegian love poetry sometime.


  1. Hehe... workisms. What an appropriate name for them. Sadly, I cannot remember any specific ones now, but I used to hear them all the time when I was working at the American Red Cross. Those people traffic more in made up words than in blood and plasma! LOL.

  2. Cute! I wouldn't have had a clue what he was talking about! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the name. Flash Pod. Ha.

    My mom? Yeah, I recently learned that when I tell her (over the phone) to go to a website (say Hotels.com) she actually googles it. So in the search box she types "www.hotels.com."



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