Last week was a long week, culminating in a three-day fundraising dinner/national council meeting/board meeting extravaganza. And this part-time gal on a full-time schedule is tiiiiiiiired. At least the first day after a major event is slow as molasses!

 What do you mean, my lip is stuck on my tooth?

 It'd be great if you'd stop laughing at me.

 I'm telling you, there is nothing wrong with my face!

Stop giggling, or I'll stab you with my lip.

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  1. These are such gorgeous pictures of Rory! We might have to get you to take a few of Teddy and Chester. :)

    Tim actually leaves for work on Wednesday. I am so, so sorry we didn't get in touch with y'all -- Our lives became consumed by the fact that we're going to have a baby! We had our first doctor's appointment, ultrasound, etc. and our world has really been turned upside down (in the best way). Still, we NEED to get together. A double date WILL be planned for the next time Tim is home, but let me know if you'd like to get together in the meantime!


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