Notes from the commute: vintage dustpan

The photo above is from our chaotic laundry nook, which is where I stash my bike gear. This little dust pan was left here by the previous tenants (or maybe the owner?). For no good reason, it reminds me of my grandmother. I don't know if she had one like this, or if it's the colors, or design, or even the 'old'ness of it, but every time I see this goofy remant of someone else's life, I flash back to my own childhood.

Have you ever kept something that belonged to someone who lived in your home before you did?

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  1. Some curtain rods were left behind (no not fancy ones - the cheap spring-loaded ones) and I've been reusing them! :)

    Other stuff...hm. Not so much, but then most places I've moved have been devoid of "stuff." Nothing fun and sentimental like that!


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