daily drop cap

Do you know about the Daily Drop Cap blog?  If not, you're in for a treat. The blog itself has a pretty useful intro, so I'm pulling this description from there rather than reinvent this particular wheel:  The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere. 

Jessica's letters are so much fun to look at. They lend themselves to all kinds of ideas for home decorating, gifts, and even blog redesigns! There's a pretty good chance that a letter or two of hers might end up in my home, framed as artwork.  She's gone through the alphabet more than once, so there is fun to be had over and over again.

If you're into typography, design, or letters in general, go have a look here.  You won't regret it.


  1. I can't remember where I read about that blog first, but I've been following it too. Love it!!

  2. Yes! I adore Drop Cap. It's all so beautiful and just neat to see. Very inspiring!


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