Is it just me, or do you get a secret thrill when you use up a container of bath product?

Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, tooth paste...it's all the same. I anticipate The End for a week. I look forward to it. The sense of accomplishment, the fun of a brand new container, the relief of knowing I don't have to use this particular product again for a while - or the mild anxiety of wondering whether the next one will work as well.  I love the whole experience.  It's strange, but I do.  It doesn't take much to entertain me.

So imagine my frustration when I realized that I am currently using the neverending tube of toothpaste. It's a tube of Aquafresh Extreme Clean and I don't know if i love it or hate it. Clean feeling after using?  Check. Clean feeling lasting quite a while, which gives me jollies?  Check.  But this stuff has a really strong, really 'cold' effect. Which was great back a few months when I opened it - and would probably be great in the summer.  But right now, here in Denver, where the cold tap water is approx. 32.5 degrees, my teeth go into thermal shock every time I brush and then rinse. It's like brushing with a snowball and rinsing with ice water. The sensation is painfully, paralyzingly cold.

But I have been SOCLOSE to finishing this tube that I just stuck with it. Because I'm stubborn like that.

And for a week now, twice a day, I have gleefully thought to myself, 'THIS is the time the tube will run out.' Seriously, I have had my next tube selected and waiting in my drawer for days.  And ever time I go to squeeze, there is more toothpaste in there. It keeps coming. My agony continues. The end may never come.

Have you ever been faced with something that you are desperate to replace but it just won't run out? (Doesn't that make you MAD?)


  1. Toothpaste, I have found is one of those items that keeps going. Many a time I have seen people say, oh there's nothing left. In fact, my husband has become quite concerned before that there was not a back-up tube at the ready for our tube that was running out. I assured them there was at least a week's worth in there. I get my joy from making the product last and last. I was certain my conditioner was running out about 2 months after we moved. And yet, it's still going strong. Contact solution is another that you think is running out for weeks and it lasts (the trick here is if it seems like it has nothing left and nothing will come out, set it down, give it a couple seconds and try again--I promise it will work). Then there are the products that run out suddenly and without much warning at all. Mousse is one of these. Always have extra mousse.

  2. I'm ALWAYS thrilled to finish something because it gives me this lofty sense of accomplishment! Bwahahaha! Except for toilet paper, because that's NOT AWESOME to run out of.

  3. Running out of toilet paper would be very very bad news indeed. Proving spouses wrong with our super product knowledge is always fun :)


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