a post about snow

Holy white stuff, Batman!

As is to be suspected, it is snowing again here in Colorado.  Twice in 2 weeks!  My feeble southern snow-loving mind might explode.  Other pertinent details include: the forecast predicted that it would 'snow for two days.'

Did you see that?  SNOW for TWO DAYS!  Not like two hours, or two seconds like I'm used to seeing.

Eli has experienced a couple of snowfalls in his young life.  While it can't be determined whether he actually likes the stuff, he certainly tolerates it pretty well and he's been known to brave snowfall deeper than he is tall, which is pretty cute. He is not so much interested in temperatures in the teens, or lower.

Rory LOVES snow.  More specifically, she loves to eat it.  She does NOT love to potty on it, which has proven a challenge for me, the potty break enforcer.

All in all, we love snow.  Good thing, since we moved to the mountains, right?


  1. I'm so jealous!! Of course, the people that live there tend to get sick of it. Hopefully that won't happen to you. Brad took video of a blizzard that went through Colorado Springs when he was there. The snow was seriously coming down sideways. Unbelievable. I'm sure it's gorgeous. Take pictures!

  2. It's so pretty :) I haven't posted any pictures because I'm afraid to take my camera out when it's so cold, and I can't get any interesting ones from inside.

  3. Ashley: you won the Reverie-Daydream giveaway on The Lil Bee! Congratulations:)

  4. Oh and (duh!) can you send me your address? Thanks!

  5. Alex calls snow "snow candy!" It's adorable.


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