Where I come from, we pronounce the word 'style' as something more like 'stah-ll.'  Incidentally, as a newly minted Westerner, I am becoming even more familiar with my own southern accent.

And as a newly minted housewife, I am becoming dreadfully familiar with my distinct lack of personal style.  In the process of setting up a new home, I am somewhere between unpacking and arranging - not quite to the decorating stage, but a lot of stuff is out of boxes and looking for its home.  In my last home, this intimidated and depressed me - something that can somewhat be attributed to a weird, crippling insecurity and somewhat attributed to mental and physical exhaustion.  In my new home, I am in a much better state of mind and of life in general.  And while the transition from worker bee to happy housewife has required an adjusting period for sure, I am much less anxious about the decorating efforts that I know are soon on the horizon.  (I like to think of this as progress!)

So with the recent advent of internet access in my apartment, I did some catching up in the blogosphere, and I was stoked to find out about Ethan Allen's online style quiz, meant to pinpiont your personal style from one of several overarching genres.

My result is Villa.  Ethan Allen describes Villa as the following:

Villa is romance reinvented. A high-end “decorator” look. Refined without fuss. Serene yet strong. Pedigreed while also modern. Inspired by French and Scandinavian design. A mingling of carved woods. handcrafted artisanship, and the dressmaker detail.

Some of this is accurate, but some I'm not so sure about.  Wood and handcrafted artisanship, yes please!  Scandinavian design is fine in small doses, but the frilly florally French romance, not so much (I would peg myself as being more 'world' or 'global' in this aspect).  And I don't know what to make of 'dressmaker detail' although given my appreciation for little details, I'm guessing this is accurate.

Did you take the quiz?  What do you make of your style - does it fit into one of Ethan Allen's categories, or are you somewhere else entirely?


  1. I got Villa too! Yeah, the florally Frenchy stuff is ok in small doses. I wish my house was filled with all that stuff! oh well, baby comes first, I suppose... :)

  2. I got global, and I might like estate. I want to know what the other choices are. When I was registering this time last year I used "quick register" on Target to see what came up. I could pick my own interpretation of what my style was. I think it was modern, traditional, contemporary, or classic. I liked the stuff that was classic the best. And I think that's right for me. Brice describes his style as "retro contemporary."

  3. Haha, Hailey, so true :)

    These results were pretty directed by the kinds of things Ethan Allen sells. i guess they aren't really my taste. The Target quick register thing sounds pretty cool, Kelley.

    My 'style' is definitely a mish-mash. I don't know if it will ever fit into a specific category.


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