emergency knitting

Knitterly fans of Gilmore Girls might remember the episode of the knit-a-thon to save the bridge in Stars Hollow.  Lorelei wore a (totally rad) Knit Or Die shirt.  I recently had a Knit Or Die moment, myself.

It'd been weeks - WEEKS - since I'd been able to do any real crafting, any knitting or sewing whatsoever.  And after spending a week-plus with nothing but boxes and an ornery papillon to keep me company, I had a moment of desperation.  I needed to knit, and I needed to knit right then.

So did I turn to the pillows I've been working on since June, for a friend?  Even though they are entirely done and only need a pillow form and some seaming?  No.  Did I turn to the two pairs of socks for a different friend, a bartering agreement in which she bought me two football tickets in exchange for two pairs of socks?  No.

I needed something easy, and I needed something mindless.  It was time for a dish rag.  Here's an early progress shot:

This is my first time using a grand old dishrag pattern.  It's called Grandmother's Favorite (Ravelry Link) and I'm pretty sure it's been a dishrag standard for eons.  The yarn is a Japanese yarn that our cousins, currently stationed in Okinawa, sent me many moons ago - as best I can tell from the label, it's acrylic and has antibacterial properties.  I call the colorway 'fabulously orange.' I came across it today while unpacking, and I decided that it was time.

I consider knitting a part of my homemaking.  If I'm not knitting something for sale, I am knitting something to be used or to be given as a gift.  I used to feel guilty when ignoring the giant to-do list in lieu of some knitting, but not anymore.  I like to think of it as growth.

What do you do when you need a break from the world for a little while?

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