lisa leonard

Almost as soon as I started reading blogs, I read about Lisa Leonard.  Seriously, this lady has fans all over the place.  She does customized silver jewelry and other stuff.  Her work is simple, unique and really just plain cute.

I haven't yet had the disposable income pleasure of owning one of her pieces, but there's somebody I've had my eye on for a while now.  It's called the Sweetheart Tree pendant, and I love it.  You can see it here. There's just something about it.  Brian and I, we aren't really monogram or crest people, but we might be initials-carved-in-a-tree people.  A little whimsical, a little old-school, a little childish youthful.

In the past few months, a number of Lisa Leonard giveaways have popped up in the blog circles I read, and I thought I would share a recent one with you, brought by SimpleMom.  SimpleMom is one of my favorite blogs, even though I'm not a mom, and I am happy to point any and all of you in that direction.

You can read more about SimpleMom, Lisa Leonard's designs and the giveaway here.

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