a recap and a capelet

Last time I updated on my knitting, I was finishing up a bag, plugging away on a bath mat, and looking forward to some socks.

The bag has been knitted, blocked, and adorned with buttons.  I haven't done the lining yet, because NEXT week is my sewing week.  Or something like that. 

Bath mat is done, but smallish because I decided I hated it and didn't want to see it every day, so it is now lining the dog crate.  This might actually be something I try to develop as an addition to my Etsy shop, and/or maybe do in support of the Papillon rescue I work with.  It really does make for a squishy comfy mat that would be great for crates because it's also 100% cotton and can be washed in the machine.  

I managed to finish both pairs of socks without losing my mind.  That ended up being 3 pairs of socks in about 4 weeks, which made me feel a little bit like I was going crazy for all the sockliness, but after NOT working on socks for about ...oh....3 days, I've already started plotting my next pair.  They really are super handy!

Because it had been SO LONG since I had anything that I was really eager to/getting paid to knit, I had this weird moment of knitters block.  I had tons of projects in the queue, but I couldn't get inspired to cast on any of them.  That, lemme tell ya, was weird.  After a day or two of hemming and hawing, I settled on the New Vintage Capelet, published in Spun Magazine and now available online here.  Mine is going to be AWESOME.  I'm knitting it from Lion-Brand Cotton Ease, which is a decidedly mediocre cotton-acrylic mix and can be found at most of the big-box craft shops like Michaels and AC Moore.  The colorway is Lake, which is a nice cloudy greyish blue.  I'm also planning to skip the giant collar.  I picked up this yarn sometime last year when it was on sale, and I paid with a gift card.  Sweet.  

Seeing as my stash is not all that big, this is going to be a great stash-buster and I'm looking forward to wearing it...hopefully before it turns April!

Seeing as I started it 2 days ago, I'm not very far along.  And seeing as it's cold and rainy out, the photo is less-than-good.  But you probably could have guessed that.


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  2. 1. Could you figure out how to do this?: http://www.aokcorral.com/projects/how2sept2007.htm

    2. How much would I need to pay you to commission you to create one for me?

    3. Could I pick my color/yarn?

  3. kim:

    1. YES! I actually have a new book of cables that I'd love to dig into, and that'd be a perfect project.

    2. Depends on the size you'd like, and also number 3... (yarn sets the base price)

    3. Yes absolutely!

    You know how to reach me :)

  4. OMG I'm so excited! I will be calling you this weekend!


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