a knitting bag, a bath mat, and some would-be socks

HOKAY.  SO.  I've been doing some knitting lately.  And it's been awesome.  Kinda.

I finished knitting up the knitting bag.  (knitting knitting knitting can I say knitting one more time).  All that's left is figuring out how to line it with the material from my former 'knitting bag' aka repurposed cotton bag previously containing jersey sheets.

The yarn is called Little Lola, by Schafer Yarn Co.   This colorway is a really pretty greyish blue, with some slight and subtle variegation - more blue than the photo shows, and it's all much darker too.  (The lighting in my house is awful, and it's not much better outside, what with all of winter showing up here at the beginning of March and all. )  This is the GOOD kind of variegation.

This second photo shows it more accurately, although it's not as glossy as the flash makes it seem.

The pattern is Square Cake, from Knitty.  I may also sew some buttons in the diamond pattern like one of the pattern examples.  Who knows!!  

I'm almost done with the new bath mat.  It's called Absorba and it's from the first Mason-Dixon knitting book (a fantastic book of patterns, by the way).  The yarn is 100% cotton made by PIsgah Yarns, a good ol' North Carolina company.  It's pretty commonly available - I got mine at the Wal-Mart.  This is an example of the BAD kind of variegation.  I have learned that I like much more subtle shifts in color.  

Y'all haven't seen my bathroom, maybe I'll post photos once it's in its place.

Up next: SOCKS! for some really sweet girls

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