We survived the move!

And we even got our internet set up. Aren't you relieved?

There are a couple more car loads of things to bring back, but we'll be doing that today and tomorrow.

The unpacking is going fairly well. The boxes aren't so overwhelming anymore, and a lot of the furniture is likely in place. Tonight's big adventure will be putting together the new futon.

Having season one of Community show up on Thursday has made a big difference, I think. We love that show!!

In the Challenges column, we have realized that one downfall of having a dog that lived her entire life thus far in an apartment is that she will only potty on a leash, or inside. That has led to some unpleasantries. We're doing whatever we can think of to teach her, and hoping she'll figure it out soon. (She'd better!)

Nevertheless, it feels good to be 'home' again.

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