Happy Rotting Stuff!

Being the crazed hippie creation care advocate that I am, I have long considered composting as a 'thing to do' at home. I never bit the bullet, though, for a few reasons:

1. When I first heard of composting, it involved worms. Couldn't get over that.
2. When I then leanred about non-wormy composting, I wanted to try it! But I was living in Richmond, with no money, thinking I would probably be moving soon. So I decided to delay the decision until more money and more permanence allowed.
3. When we moved, thereby acquiring semi-permanence as well as more money, we were living in an apartment complex. Composting was outlawed. LAME.

Which brings me to now....

I have my Top Three Reasons Why Our New Rental House Is Awesome (back yard; room to entertain; close enough to work to downsize a car) and I have my list of smaller reasons to look forward to being in the house. Having a yard will be nice. There's a cute little sunroom that will be great. Line-drying clothing will be easier. I can tinker with a garden. I can tinker with growing flowers! I can do all those goofy little housewifey things I like to do.

AND. I can compost.

So the price tag on compost bins is a little high. I'm looking at startup costs maybe around $100. Suckzorz.


So this next part is a little bit of a detour. There's kind of a weird hedgey thing running along the back fence, overgrown with some kind of viney thing that I don't recognize. There might be much pruning and whacking of weeds when we move in. It's particularly jungle-y behind the garage.

Which is why I never noticed something before:


It is completely overgrown and has all kinds of who-knows-what growing up and reaching out of all its lids and drawers and openings... but it is THERE. And now, it is MINE.

The only composting start-up cost I'll have will be factored in manual labor. Because there will be some labor involved in getting this thing in working order.

In fact, it's so overgrown I can't really even tell what kind of bin it is. It's tall, and probably black, and I'm guessing it's probably one of these or maybe one of these. Extricating it from the jungle will be tough, and I'm guessing it will weigh a whole freaking lot. But that's what we have husbands for, right?

I can't wait to get it cleaned up and start composting.

Once I figure out how to start composting, that is....

What's the weirdest thing you ever got excited over?

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