Assume Love - a blog reco

Do y'all know the Assume Love blog written by Patty Newbold?

Her posts are a leetle sporadic (sound familiar?) but the concept and content are both great - no filler, which is awesome. I read her most recent post and got motivated to share.

The name of the blog, Assume Love, is the gist of Patty's relationship advice too. When your spouse does something you just can't understand or rationalize, assume that his (in my case) motivation is love, and go from there to look for your answers.

She has three 'tools' to help you have a happier marriage when there's conflict or hurt: assume love when upset, expect love when in need, and find third alternatives when you disagree.

Today's post gives a real example of how to use these three tools. Sometimes it can be easy to 'learn the tools' without actually learning how to use them. Having examples makes it easier to remember how to incorporate the tools in your own life. At least, it's helpful to me!

So if you're like me and still trying to figure out this whole 'marriage' thing, now is a good day to go check out Assume Love by Patty Newbold.

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