It's not paranoia if it's true!

One of the personality oddities that my husband and I share is a general mistrust for things that are composed entirely of chemicals. We don't pop pain pills often, and by golly I am NOT going to dump drano down my slow-draining bath tub.

Brian is a big fan of canned stuff and is wildly aversive to any kind of body product. He'll chow down on the Chef Boyardee Alphabets with Meatballs and will eat Ragu pasta sauce until the cows come home, but he WILL NOT use any lotion or hair conditioner or even won't kiss me when I have plain chapstick on.

Me, I'm ok with essential canned items like tuna and the occasional vegetable, but if I can get it fresh (frozen, at the worst) OR if I can make it myself, I'm going to. Gravy and pasta sauce should be au naturale. I'm still working on the bread thing...

Like any good concerned citizen of the 00s, I prefer natural skin care and soaps and I'm really looking forward to the time when I'll be able to Etsy it up for all of that! My downfall is that I love my salon shampoos and conditioners. One of these days when I decide to take the plunge and make my own soaps and skin care, I may also try to branch out into the haircare arena as well. Fun to think about!

I also prefer not to use premanufactured cleaning products, whenever possible. The hardwoods and the counters get a nice dose of vinegar, the tiles get a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. The laundry room hasn't been made over yet, but we use unscented detergent and biodegradable dryer sheets, at least. I also clean the lint tray every couple of months.

I think my downfall began when I started baking, and tasted the difference between real cake and real frosting, and 'cake' from a box and frosting from a can. That made me a horrible cake snob, and led to me wanting my food to be as home-made as possible. I guess it spread to other areas.

My husband, though....he's just weird. And oh how I love him.

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