Yikes!, Or: the dangers of the internet, Or: people are stupid!

I love craigslist. I love freecycle. I love flylady. Gigoit even looks cool, but it doesn't appear that anyone else in Richmond has found it yet. But much potential love there!

The above have enhanced my life, by giving me mechanisms to bring things in, or banish them.

They have been good to me, if not neutral.

Not so for some dude in Oregon.

Thanks to a verification-free ad-posting service, someone with a bone to pick, and truckloads of chuckleheads who think that having a printout of an internet ad gives them free reign to plunder, he's got what presumably is an insurance/police/lawyer-filled nightmare on his hands.

(I am trying very hard not to sound snide and judgmental toward said chuckleheads.) (Because my husband informs me that I am too snide and judgmental when it comes to people who tend not to make the same choices I would advocate.)

But seriously! WHO would do that? You can't just go around posting crap on the internet all nilly-willy, because computer people are SMARTER THAN YOU and thus WILL FIND YOU. PROBABLY IMMEDIATELY. And there I thought everyone had seen at least one episode of 24.

As for all the folks who sped off with this poor man's goods....shame on all y'all. You show up to some dude's house, and he's standing on his porch hollerin at you that you it's NOT REAL, and you up and steal his porch swing anyway, because you've got the ad printed out right there on paper by golly and as such, you are entitled to all his possessions?

Looks like I let my inner southern out when I get mad.

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