What's your score?

So I just stumbled across this thing called walkscore. What this website does is evaluate your address based on the amenities within walking distance. It accounts for a number of different things - restaurants, stores, parks, gyms, libraries, schools, etc. And then it gives the address a walk score. Ours is ok - we have a good number of stuff within a mile. I am good with 62. It'd REALLY be awesome if a market opened up nearby. But I digress...

This concept (the walk score thing) really jazzes me. Brian and I walk to his school mailbox from time to time, when the weather's nice, and I knew there were some things in the neighborhood nearby - but I never realized just how close we actually are to a lot of good things. It's not as great as living downtown would be, but there isn't much that we'd need that isn't near by. I love the idea of walking to dinner, walking to a store, riding to a park...literally running errands...

Now that I've acquired a job less than 2.5 miles from my house, I've seriously considered getting a bike. CORRECTION: I've seriously considered fixing up my bike. I have this busted up, worn out, crappy-tired and maybe a little rusty relic dating back to the middle era of my childhood. It's actually a pretty remarkable thing - I think it was called the Autobike and it has a gearshift that adjusts to the workload. Sorta like what automatic transmission does in a car's engine. This was (and still is) a good idea for me, because I never really could master the whole gear shift thing. I mean, I knew HOW to change gears, I just never really knew when to put the bike in what gear for what reason.

I'm not always good at that stuff. And my dad's an engineer. Clearly I didn't get those genes.

But sheesh, goodness knows I need some exercise, and it seems like a waste to drive 2 miles to work and back every day. The terrain is mostly flat-ish, as it tends to be in my particular neck of the woods, so I'm not dreadfully intimidated....

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