google ain't mapped my street

While making my daily perusal of RVABlogs.com, I noticed the buzz in the blogosphere today. Google Street Maps for the RVA went live today. Natch, I checked it out.

I stumbled around Google Maps a little while, and after about 5 full minutes of feeling blind and retarded, I finally saw the answer -- the key to my inner Big Brother. Click on 'street view' and notice the blue lines. They're outlining the streets special enough to have been caught on cam.


OH NO! A stretch of about 20 feet of my street is blue-line-LESS!!! The stretch on which my house sits!!! I am distraught.

Hmm, I thought to myself cynically. I wonder how many other folks got shafted in Street-Peeking Stalker Heaven. I geared myself up to be sorely disappointed in the Google stalk-hounds for leaving so many of us poor wanna-be-stalkeds on the sidelines.

Only, there weren't any others. Every other house within a mile of mine had coverage. That's a lot of houses playing this game. And I get left out.

I wonder what those guys were thinking, you know? Did they say to themselves, 'whatever, these are old houses, no one in this neighborhood is even going to care anyway'? Granted, I am willing to bet I'm the only person in said neighborhood who feels shafted as a result of this little experiment..but still! I matter, don't I? I've brought you countless ad revenues as a result of my search engine clicks, Google, have I not? I use your checkout, I blog on your system, I practically live on your email server....

I'm hurt.

Brian, on the other hand, will probably be thrilled. It means that our identity is that much more protected, and thus we have a better chance of becoming spies.

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