Remedial Fees

For those of you in Virginia who are bemoaning the Governor for not signing the repeal into law, a little enlightenment:

The bill (which is Senate Bill 1, by the way) was NOT sitting on his desk for weeks, as ye supposed. It was not even enrolled until this Monday, the 24th of March; it did not hit his desk until yesterday, or maybe today.

A bill, to become part of the Code of Virginia, has to be passed in both the House and the Senate; then it has to be enrolled; then it has to be signed by the speakers of the House and Senate, and only THEN can it go to the Governor to be signed into law.

As I understand it, before something is enrolled, all the committee/agency staffs take a close, hard look at the language and they do a crap-ton of reading. The step between 'passed house and senate' and 'on the governor's desk' is sometimes a big, long one.

So, re-set your waiting-game clocks to yesterday afternoon, and at the point when sufficient time has passed, you can bemoan the Governor's actual delay in signing.

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