manic monday #143

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? What do you talk about? 

Yes, I talk to myself out loud a lot, usually when I'm under some kind of duress but without the threatening kind of pressure - you know, when the soft deadline is coming up and all of a sudden the computer is wonky, or the Tony Booth said something on the radio that makes me laugh and then I mention how ridiculous it is that I'm laughing at the radio.  I'm almost always talking about the immediate circumstance or situation, and I'm generally yelling at page design software.

What stresses you out? 

A lot of things stress me out - I tend to be overly anxious.  For a long time, it was (a distinct lack of) money and the trouble I had finding gainful employment.  Right now my big concern is the same as many - financial stability for the next year or so.  I work for a nonprofit, so job security is not assumed, and Brian is in school right now and we don't know what his prospects will be next fall when he's job-hunting.  You know, the usual. 

What are your secret talents?

I asked Brian what he thought my secret talent is.  His immediate response was that I don't stick my elbows out when I do my gun pose when I'm pretending I'm Scully.

Yeah, I don't know where that came from either.

But I should note that he also said 'baking things of glory.'  He also calls me the Coupon Queen.  I'm glad he appreciates my frugal sensibilities, though maybe his estimations may be a bit high :)

Also, apparently I make phones repeat themselves.


  1. You are talented indeed! Ha!

    I played too :)

  2. Thanks for the visit!

    Here's the link to becoming Microsoft-certified. You have to pass four exams: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/OfficeSpecialist/default.mspx

    I work freelance. I get about six days a month with a computer company. And I just got a contract with a college to teach their employees.

  3. Baking things of glory? That's pretty high praise, dearie. :)

  4. See! You're a BAKER!! And you married a very random man.

  5. Wow! I think my hubby would be impressed if I baked anything at all, let alone things of glory!


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