Mmmmmm, naps.  What is it about naptime that is so delicious and so enticing?  

There are some people who are able to take a nap whenever, wherever. They can just turn off their thinking mind and sleep whenever an opportunity presents itself. My husband is one of these.  He was the guy who slept in the fancy library between classes. I had an adult friend back when I was in high school who had the super-ability to sleep on demand, no matter what. This came in handy when she had a newborn - she could turn her body on and off in time with her baby's.

I'm not the same way. I'm one of those folks who has to be in the right frame of mind to get in a good nap. I have to be tired enough but not exhausted, and my mind has to be clear - or at least slow enough to stop.  I can't nap when I'm harried. For me, the best kind of nap takes place right around dinner time and ends with the yummy smells of dinner being cooked.  Two hours is about the right time for me - but usually when I nap, it's the 'crash' kind of nap in the evening and not the power-nap kind that the Mayo Clinic advocates here as a short-term compensation tool for having too little sleep. These guys suggest that anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes for a nap is optimal.  

The article also says that we aren't getting enough sleep (duh!) and that a quick restorative nap in the early afternoon can be a tremendous help.  20 minutes, that's all it might take! 

Maybe I ought to take a blanket to the office. I wonder how well that would go over! Actually, I don't wonder...I can pretty much guess.

Now. Is it just me, or is bacon one of the very best smells to wake up to?

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