my wish list (UPDATED)

(Note: my friends and family sometimes request updates to this list.  I swear I'm not reposting because I'm gift-crazy!)

One of my tricks for when I'm feeling the pinch a little to much and I develop a major spending crave is to make a list of all the things I'd spend money on, if I had it. One of these days I might post it as a wish list, for no other reason than to engage my penchant for sharing too much information.

Of course, this is all in addition to being able to blow $30 or $40 every couple weeks on dates with my husband.

And now, the wish list, in no particular order, that needs no introduction but got one anyway:

1. a yarn swift and a ball winder

2. yarn. ANY yarn. especially bamboo yarn, or artyarns beaded silk, or some noro or especially some koigu painter's palatte premium merino (kpppm) gloriousness

3. either of the mason dixon knitting books, or a book with Aran or Celtic patterns
(10/16/08 - thanks for the other books, ma!)

4. a big cutting mat for sewing (16x20 or larger)

5. a t-square

6. a good honing steel

7.  a good paring knife

8. a cast-iron skillet

9. a big 'regular' skillet with a cover

10. a fountain pen, maybe pelikan brand


11. a bread (and dough) machine

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