the state of the ashley (again)

My super-awesome friend Angie keeps listing Sidetracked in her blogroll. Because her blog has actual substance and is actually read by real people, I think it's probably time to resurrect this moribund blog here. What follows is an odd, early-morning attempt.

So things are different, now. I'm living back in North Carolina, now. I'm not married anymore (well, technically I still am, but it's just a matter of time until that changes, too). I'm still very much a mom, pretty much 365 days a year. I'm still writing and editing. So...big changes and big not-changes.

I think I'm in one of those places where most people would just get a new blog and "start fresh" or whatever. I'm not really planning to do that, although I've done it before and I probably "should" do it now. This little catblog is just a log of what I'm doing, though - a disheveled, incomplete personal history of sorts. I am not interested in collecting a mass of links to my blogging history, so I'm probably here to stay, at least for a while.

I'm expecting this will more or less become a log of what Gabriel and I are up to. I'm not really aspiring to be a "mommy blogger" and I don't have much confidence that any insights I might put here will be of interest to anybody. I DO know that I now have friends and family all across the country who are interested in the baby, and this is an easy way to share what's up.

But because it's a personal blog first and foremost, I will probably do a little bit of "processing" my divorce here. (So, former family-in-law and congregants, be aware!) This isn't going to become a Brian-bashing forum to air dirty laundry, and I do think I've already come through the hard, uncontrollable-tears, fist-in-the-wall, wailing-in-the-night part of the journey, but it won't be a feelings-free zone, either. Just so you know!

So. With all that said, off we go!

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