this is denver

In most circles, talking about the weather is considered lame. It's what you talk about when you can't come up with anything more interesting. I mean, come on. It's weather.

Not so in Denver, where the weather is pretty much the topic of a year-long, ongoing conversation. It changes. A lot.

For example, this month. October started out fine enough - a little too warm for me, but I don't get much say in the matter. We had snow toward the beginning of the month - just a dusting really, but SNOW! There was a frost somewhere in the first week or two, and then another frost last week, I think. Overall it's been in the 70s mostly, with a few days in the 60s and some fantastically "crisp October nights" that I wished for but never really experienced in NC.

Yesterday, Oct. 24, we set a record high of 80 degrees. I got sunburned on my arms while sitting in a parking lot. And tomorrow's forecast is predicting 3-6 inches of snow.

See? Weather is interesting out here!

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  1. I'll second that! But really Ashley, Denver is HOT!


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